A Real Conversation Starter

global-conversation By drbexl

I have been poking around the topics of creativity, connectivism and communication while taking part in a Creativity and Multicultural Communications MOOC.  One interesting article that I came across while dodging down rabbit holes in Pearltrees was one on the concept of co-intelligence and the idea that by bringing diverse people together real social change can happen that will benefit the whole of humanity.  Sounds both simple and really daunting huh?

The article by Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute, a Co-intelligent Social Change Agenda resonated with me.  I have often wondered why people are so opposed to listening to another point of view.  Why so many people are so quick to hide behind their beliefs it almost seems as though they have forfeited their right to critically think for themselves.  The article shows some current real-life examples of how bringing together a truly diverse group of people, high quality information and facts and a skilled facilitator trained to help people both listen and speak can result in astounding results.  It seems that it is possible that individual gain and self-preservation can give way to decisions that have a positive impact on the whole of society and not any one select group or individual.

Other articles by Tom Atlee speak to the idea of a conscious evolution.  Drawing similarities to Darwin’s theory of Evolution, Tom believes that through our connectiveness to each other and to information we as a society have the ability and possible even the responsibility to find ways to purposefully guide our own intellectual evolution.  Big Think blogger Orion Jones also talks about how our social interactions may play a big part in our cognitive future.

The idea of Co-Intelligence is fascinating to me.  I believe it correlates well with the theory of connectivism and creativity.  The internet has given us the ability to be connected to more people and resources than ever before but at the same time in many ways has isolated us from true interaction.  It isn’t enough to know where to look up information, you need to contribute to the conversation and weigh in with your own uniqueness, experience and opinions. The world we live in gets smaller every day and the world our children will inherit will have few boundaries. Real change will only happen when we can come together with compassion, deference and look to what Atlee refers to as the Core Commons and open an honest dialogue.  Unless we take ownership of our place at the world table and reach out and connect, we can never truly become a conversation starter.

For more interesting and thought provoking articles go to http://www.co-intelligence.org/index.html

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